The Green and Purple Skin of the World

paulo da costa's stories get under your skin, bruise your consciousness with their exploration of the forces that hold us together, not always benignly, and those that pull us apart. A hunter and cougar ponder the positions of predator and prey under the dense canopy of a West Coast forest. A nine-year-old tells her stuffed rabbit, Carrot, that it's not as easy to run away as she thought, especially when someone is following her. Like the bubbles that the character in the title story blows while witnessing the dissolution of a love affair, these stories dazzle and beguile: with their craft, their often dark humour, their grasp of people living the extremity that is daily life.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page 5
Copyright Page 6
Dedication 7
Table of Contents 9
Epigraph 11
Flies 13
The Table 23
The Red Skirt 37
The Green and Purple Skin of the World 49
My Real Mother Would Never 59
Kiss Baby 77
Vivaldi's Spring 89
Hell's Hell 99
Immortality 107
Love & Medical Miracles 127
Another Sunday 135
Not Written in Pencil 147
An Abundance of Flowers 159
Breathless 169
Those Who Follow 181
Blackbird 205
Acknowledgements 209
About the Author 210