Boundary Problems

In his confident debut, Greg Bechtel offers ten charged stories about the impossible-turned-possible — secrets, paranoia, sex, conspiracies, and magic — as he effortlessly shatters the boundaries between speculative and literary fiction.
Boundary Problems vibrates on the edge of meaning, as carjackers, accidental gunrunners, and small-town cabbies struggle to wring meaning from the strange events that overtake them. Bechtel's worlds of mystery and magic constantly challenge his characters' pursuit of logical explanations. These compelling tales blur lines and push boundaries — into the surreal, into the playful, into the irresistible energy of uncertainty.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front Cover 1
Back Cover 2
Half Title Page 3
Title Page 5
Copyright Page 6
Table of Contents 7
Blackbird Shuffle 9
The Concept of a Photon 33
The Smut Story (III) 51
Mindreader 59
Junk Mail 73
The Smut Story (II) 95
Boundary Problems 111
The Mysterious East 139
The Smut Story (I) 167
The Everett-Wheeler Hypothesis 177
Notes 227
Acknowledgements 229
Author Bio 231