Tesseracts Fifteen

Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales, edited by Julie Czerneda and Susan MacGregor, is the only volume in the long running Tesseracts series that is themed specifically for young adults and the young at heart. These stories are filled with "wonder and astonishment," say the editors. They are "stories that engage the imagination, inspire dreams, and leave hope in their wake. They will become the classics for a new generation of readers, to be remembered, fondly, for years to come."

This anthology joins a 25+ year Canadian literary legacy that features the writing and editing of more than 250 of Canada’s best known authors.

Tesseracts Fifteen features works by:

Michelle Barker, K. Boorman, Shen Braun, Leslie Brown, E. L. Chen, Kevin Cockle, Julie Czerneda, Claire Eamer, Ed Greenwood, Jennifer Greylyn, Erika Holt, Michele Ann Jenkins, Kurt Kirchmeier, Claude Lalumière, Francine Lewis, Nicole Luiken, Susan MacGregor, Lynne M. MacLean, Helen Marshall, Cat McDonald, Virginia Modugno, Matthew Moore, Elise Moser, Katrina Nicholson, Tony Pi, Mike Rimar, Robert Runté, Rebecca M. Senese, J. J. Steinfeld, Amanda Sun.