would you believe me when i make consorts of alphabet runaways & stayathomes i have rounded up where they wandered all over the page Dennis Cooley masterfully extends the genre of the abecedary to explore his curiosity of the limitlessness of human communication. With linguistic wit and complexity, his poetry carries the reader through the historical developments of the alphabet. He pries open letters and words to play with both their immediate meaning and the possibilities within the words themselves, creating surprises as he explores spelling, sound, syntax, and pronunciation. After reading Cooley's abecedarium you'll never look at language the same way. Lovers of experimental poetry as well as those interested in linguistic play or the history of language will relish the rapid-fire shifts and musicality of Cooley's newest collection of poetry.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright 5
Dedication 6
Epigraph 8
Contents 10
Preface 12
at the window 14
a child's book of verses 16
a long funny book 18
sammy b makes it to estevan 22
in the bookof secret alphabets 24
the means justify 28
& if it changes 31
hyoid 33
love non-alpha 36
c’mon and get over it 39
&& 40
deixis 42
so to speak 44
The seven scruples of Kroetsch 49
where in the ear 50
you know what gets me 51
feet first 55
badly overt-X-ed 58
prefer ring 61
fabrication 7 64
hallelujah 67
it is significant 68
meaning 70
olito’s suknaski 74
good pitching is almost always 76
a slip of the pen 79
One big fat zero 81
and so on & so 84
Bill is a bloomin’ loomin’ airy 87
this is true 92
crow speaks of first & last things 93
i don’t know 95
as for me & my id 97
narratologee 101
how odd she said 102
the runners press 106
fabrication 4 108
home thoughts 110
what would you say 112
dear muse 117
i dont know why you say 118
Pref: 119
lungs flapping 121
at any and 123
type face 127
what every Canadian should know 129
when I think 131
the postmodern journalist dreams 134
i kept a log : : : 136
to hear her tell it 139
ill is it 141
who is who 143
i do not want to believe 145
the biologist goes acourting 147
you better believe 150
marshall broods over the creation 153
how can i 155
come posit, or 158
acknowledgements 160
about the author 161
Other books from University of Alberta Press 162