Challenging Frontiers

The frontier reality of confronting new conditions, adapting cultural inclinations, and dealing with a volatile environment in an effort to establish and nurture new communities is central to the western Canadian experience. It has shaped many aspects of our heritage, and it is within that context the essays assembled here strive to identify and critique the impact of the frontier on our region, culture, and society.

Challenging Frontiers: The Canadian West is a multidisciplinary study using critical essays as well as creative writing to explore the conceptions of the "West," both past and present. Considering topics such as ranching, immigration, art and architecture, as well as globalization and the spread of technology, these articles inform the reader of the historical frontier and its mythology, while also challenging and reassessing conventional analysis.

With a comprehensive introduction to situate the geographic and cultural boundaries of the western frontier, this collection is a must for anyone interested in uncovering what it means to be a westerner and how the new frontier has influenced every part of our society.

With Contributions By:
Sarah Carter
Ann Davis
Janice Dickin
Marcia Jenneth Epstein
Lorry W. Felske
Max Foran
R. Douglas Francis
Madeline A. Kalbach
Emma LaRocque
Michael McMordie
Beverly Raporich
Brian Rusted
Lloyd Sciban
Robert Seiler
Tamara Seiler
Geoffrey Simmins
David Taras
Aritha van Herk

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Challenging Frontiers 1
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Acknowledgments 8
Introduction: Challenging Frontiers 10
Naming the West 23
Early Interpretations of Region 35
Filling in Historical Absence 77
De-Mythologizing Cowboys and Indians 143
The Deconstruction of Architecture and Western Identity 213
Forces of Change 258
Contemporary Artists: The New Mythmakers 338
Contributors 375
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