Natives and Settlers Now and Then

Historical Issues and Current Perspectives on Treaties and Land Claims in Canada


Natives and Settlers Now and Then

“Natives and Settlers provides a beginning to what should be (and should have been) a continuing, respectful discussion.” —Blanca Schorcht, Associate Professor, University of Northern British Columbia. Is Canada truly postcolonial? Burdened by a past that remains ‘refracted’ in its understanding and treatment of Native peoples, this collection reinterprets treaty making and land claims from Aboriginal perspectives. These five essays not only provide fresh insights to the interpretations of treaties and treaty-making processes, but also examine land claims still under negotiation. Natives and Settlers reclaims the vitality of Aboriginal laws and paradigms in Canada, a country new to decolonization.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Foreword | Hart 8
Editor’s Acknowledgements 14
Introduction: Natives & Settlers Now & Then | DePasquale 16
1 Treaties Made in Good Faith | Venne 36
2 Three Treaty Nations Compared | Seed 52
3 "The Rights to the Land May be Transferred" | Tough & McGregor 68
4 Nation-Building as Process | Cardinal 100
Appendix I: Questions & Discussions 114
Appendix II: Remembering Harold Cardinal 134
About the Contributors 138
Works Cited 142
Index 148