Whose Man in Havana?

In Whose Man in Havana? the author offers an unconventional, often dark, but more often hilarious view of diplomacy in settings as varied as Haiti, London, the Dominican Republic, the Balkans, Palestine, Paraguay, Guyana, and Kyrgyzstan, including covert monitoring of Soviet military operations in Cuba on behalf of the CIA with the blessing of President Kennedy and Prime Minister Pearson. In a career that spans the Canadian foreign service and international organizations, he was fortunate to be in the right place at interesting, if turbulent, times. Throughout the book he has focussed on the lighter side of people and places, but almost everywhere the dark side intrudes. Graham makes plain that the intersection of the two is frequently black comedy.

"Brilliant...from one of the foreign service's best raconteurs." James Bartleman, author of Roller Coaster and Out of Muskoka, former ambassador and former Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.

"Splendidly written and marvellously funny." Robert Bothwell, University of Toronto, co-author of Pirouette and the Penguin History of Canada.

"A rollicking, engaging memoir ... a feast of colourful tales that don't quite obscure a serious piece of work on the diplomacy of the period... writing of the highest order." Paul Durand, former ambassador and international mediator.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Contents 10
Foreword 14
Preface 18
Dominican Republic 24
Cuba 52
United Kingdom 74
Japan 80
Guyana 84
Suriname 106
Trinidad and Tobago 114
Grenada 120
Haiti 132
Central America and Colombia 136
Panama 142
Central America 146
Venezuela, Haiti,and the Dominican Republic 152
Dominican Republic 178
Haiti 198
Bosnia 204
Paraguay 238
Kyrgyzstan 242
Guatemala 252
Venezuela 264
Ukraine 268
Palestine 276
Nicaragua 282
El Salvador 290
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Afterword 306
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