Seeking Order in Anarchy

"The idea of multilateralism is not something that can be forced on states, nor does it come naturally to them." —Tom Keating

Seeking Order in Anarchy offers insights into both the theoretical foundations and the real-world outcomes of multilateralism in world affairs. Recognizing that Tom Keating’s theories, though rooted in Canadian foreign policy, have a broader application in international relations, Robert W. Murray has assembled an array of theoretical interpretations of multilateralism, as well as case studies examining its practical effects. Drawing from the insights of fourteen noted scholars and featuring an essay from Tom Keating himself, this volume examines the conditions that encourage states to adopt multilateral strategies, and the consequences of doing so in the context of increasingly complex global politics. Seeking Order in Anarchy is an important book for scholars, graduate students, policy makers, and anyone interested in how multilateralism functions in today’s world.

Contributors: Francis Kofi Abiew, Edward Ansah Akuffo, Greg J. Anderson, David R. Black, Duane Bratt, Antonio Franceschet, Paul Gecelovsky, David J. Hornsby, Tom Keating, Christopher J. Kukucha, John McCoy, Robert W. Murray, Shaun Narine, Kim Richard Nossal, Matthew S. Weinert

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright page 5
Dedication 6
Contents 8
Acknowledgements 10
Introduction | Murray 12
I Ideas of Multilateralism 24
1 The Ethics of International Coercion | Franceschet 26
2 Separated at Birth, Reunited in Global Economics? | Anderson 52
3 Regional Multilateralism and the Reconfiguration of International Society | Weinert 84
4 Realist Multilateralism | Murray 106
5 The Multilateral Impulse | Gecelovsky 128
II Multilateralism in Practice 152
6 Kicking It Old School | Nossal 154
7 Multilateralism and US Foreign Policy | Abiew 176
8 Multilateralism and Canadian Foreign Trade Policy | Kukucha 200
9 NATO and the New Western Imperialism | Narine 220
10 Multilateralism as Motive and Opportunity | Black & Hornsby 242
11 Evaluating Keating’s Idea of Multilateralism | McCoy 262
12 Stephen Harper and Multilateralism | Bratt 284
13 Africa’s Geopolitical Space and Canada’s Multilateral Security Strategy | Akuffo 304
Conclusion | Keating 338
Contributors 358
Index 364
Campus Alberta Collection 377