Throwing the Diamond Hitch

In 1951 two intrepid women, Phyllis and her best friend, Anne, set off on a journey from Victoria, British Columbia, to Red Deer, Alberta, and back again. Travelling first by 1927 MG Roadster to Alberta, and then on horseback on the way home, the journey took months and would test the women’s wits and resourcefulness at every turn. Phyl and Anne documented their adventures and the stories of the people they met along the way in a journal, which was passed down to author Emily Ursuliak, Phyl’s granddaughter. Throwing the Diamond Hitch-an inventive, poetic retelling of the Phyl and Anne’s journey-crackles like the starter of an old roadster, and kicks like a stubborn pack pony. Ursuliak employs a variety of poetic styles and approaches to capture the personality of the two women and the motley of characters they encountered on their trip. Ride along with Phyl and Anne, and discover how to throw the elusive diamond hitch.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Half title page 2
Full title page 4
Copyright page 5
Cast of Characters 8
A Prologue 10
Monday, June 18, 1951 12
The Press 14
Jason’s Christening 16
Hopalong on the Ferry 19
Keremeos 21
The Arrival 24
Throwing the Diamond Hitch 27
Friday, July 6, 1951 30
Bun Bolton 32
Piebald Eyes Meet Their Match 36
The Burrells 44
Two Kinds of Diamonds 47
Pedro 49
Tourists 51
Saturday, July 14, 1951 54
Welcome to Banff 56
Joe of Brewsters Stables 57
Following the Wardens’ Orders 61
Wednesday, July 18, 1951 64
Removing the Shoe 66
Bacon Sandwiches 72
Barbed Wire 74
Braking and Blather 76
Twelve Hooves Need New Shoes 83
A Duet for Salmonella 86
Torrent 88
From the Eaves 89
Thursday, August 9, 1951 90
Mrs. McQueen 92
Getting Directions 93
Sandon Mine 94
Blue Ford Déja Vu 95
The Boot Maker 97
Tuesday, August 14, 1951 98
Planting 100
Okanagan 102
Banners 103
The Home Stretch 106
Filling the Last Gaps 107
Epilogue 109
A Note 110
Acknowledgements 111
About the Author 112
Series Page 113
Back Cover 114