The Wolves at My Shadow

Ingelore Rothschild was twelve years old when she was whisked out of her home in 1936. It was her first step on a cross-continent journey to Japan, where she and her parents sought refuge from rising anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany. A decade later, as she sails away from what has become her home in Kobe, Japan, Ingelore records her memories of life in Berlin, the long train journey through Russia, and her time in Japan during World War II.

Each leg of the journey presents its own nightmare: passports are stolen, identities are uncovered, a mudslide tears through the Rothschild’s home, and the atomic bombs are dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Ingelore’s bright, observant nature and remarkable capacity for befriending those along her way fills her narrative with unique details about the people she meets and the places she travels to.
The story of Ingelore and her prominent German Jewish family’s escape is an invaluable account that contributes to Holocaust witness and memoir literature. Although she was forever marked by her traumatic past, Ingelore’s survival story is a painful reminder that only European Jews with significant financial means were able to carefully orchestrate an escape from Nazi Germany.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Half Title 2
Title 4
Copyright 5
Dedication 6
Acknowledgements 8
Contents 12
Preface 14
Part One 20
We Sail to America 22
I Begin 24
The Calm Before the Storm 34
Deception and Dismay 40
My Birthday 48
Dark Clouds are Everywhere 56
Conditions Worsen 64
Sand Falls Through the Hourglass 74
Everything Worries Me 80
We Say Goodbye 88
Part Two 96
On My Own 98
Together Again 104
Seven Hundred Kilometres, More Goodbyes 110
A Major Catastrophe 118
A Bad Situation Becomes Worse 130
The Truth is Revealed 142
Our Secret is Safe 154
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow 166
A Token of Friendship 178
The World of Garlic 192
Part Three 202
Japan is on the Horizon 204
The Earth Moves 218
Nature’s Violent Display 230
The War is Coming 252
The Americans Strike 264
The Emperor Speaks 280
Occupation 286
The Time of My Life 292
Fate Intervenes 302
Another Story Begins 314
Epilogue 318
Bibliography 324