Beyond "Understanding Canada"


Beyond "Understanding Canada"

The dismantling of “Understanding Canada”—an international program eliminated by Canada’s Conservative government in 2012—posed a tremendous potential setback for Canadianists. Yet Canadian writers continue to be celebrated globally by popular and academic audiences alike. Twenty scholars speak to the government’s diplomatic and economic about-face and its implications for representations of Canadian writing within and outside Canada’s borders. The contributors to this volume remind us of the obstacles facing transnational intellectual exchange, but also salute scholars’ persistence despite these obstacles. Beyond “Understanding Canada” is a timely, trenchant volume for students and scholars of Canadian literature and anyone seeking to understand how Canadian literature circulates in a transnational world.

Michael A. Bucknor, Daniel Coleman, Anne Collett, Pilar Cuder-Domínguez, Ana María Fraile-Marcos, Jeremy Haynes, Cristina Ivanovici, Milena Kaličanin, Smaro Kamboureli, Katalin Kürtösi, Vesna Lopičić, Belén Martín-Lucas, Claire Omhovère, Lucia Otrísalová, Don Sparling, Melissa Tanti, Christl Verduyn, Elizabeth Yeoman, Lorraine York

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright page 5
Contents 6
Acknowledgements 8
Introduction | Haynes, Tanti, Coleman, York 12
I Contexts, Provocations, and Knowledge Territories 30
1 Beyond Understanding Canada | Kambourelli 32
2 The Understanding Canada Program and International Canadian Literary Studies | Verduyn 52
3 Indigenous Writing in Indigenous Languages | Yeoman 66
II Roots and Routes 78
4 Canada in Black Transnational Studies | Bucknor 80
5 “Why Don’t You Write about Canada?” | Collett 108
6 Canada and the Black Atlantic | Cuder-Domínguez 128
III Mapping Bodies, Place, and Time 144
7 “Off the Highway” | Kürtösi 146
8 Canadian Photography and the Exhaustion of Landscape | Omhovère 160
9 Posthuman Affect in the Global Empire | Martín-Lucas 180
IV Border Zones 202
10 Unexpected Dialogical Space in David Albahari’s Immigrant Writing | Lopičić and Kaličanin 204
11 The Politics of Art and Affect in Michael Helm’s “Cities of Refuge” | Fraile-Marcos 222
V Reading Publics 238
12 Canada through the Lens of the Communist Censor | Otrísalová 240
13 Economies of Export | Ivanovici 258
14 Canadian Literature and Canadian Studies in the Czech Republic | Sparling 284
Works Cited 304
Contributors 330
Index 340
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