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  • Damselflies of Alberta

    Damselflies of Alberta

    With iridescent blues and greens, damselflies are some of the most beautiful flying insects as well as the most primitive. As members of the insect order Odonata they are related to dragonflies but...

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    Several copies available
  • Compact Guide to Alberta Birds

    Compact Guide to Alberta Birds

    This easy-to-use field guide will help even the novice birder identify over 80 species encountered in backyards and along wilderness trails across Alberta, along with their eggs and natural history.

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  • Bugs of Alberta

    Bugs of Alberta

    Avid bugster and television's Nature Nut, John Acorn, has selected what he considers the 125 most fascinating bugs of Alberta, from beautiful butterflies to scary spiders

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  • Birds of Alberta

    Birds of Alberta

    This illustrated field guide helps readers identify, understand and appreciate the birds of Alberta with full-colour illustrations and detailed descriptions of 388 species.

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  • Butterflies of Alberta

    Butterflies of Alberta

    The book features dazzling colour photographs, exquisite line drawings and quick-reference listings of distinguishing features, flight periods, geographic ranges, behaviour and preferred food plant...

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