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  • A Purpose Ridden - Updated Edition

    A Purpose Ridden - Updated Edition

    A Peakbagger's Guide

    An honest memoir that deconstructs an evolving father–son relationship, uncovers the struggles in becoming one of Canada’s most respected adventure cyclists and the dramatic impact of a recent canc...

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  • Marathon Quest

    Marathon Quest

    Revised & Updated

    An engaging and incredible true story detailing the early days of Martin Parnell's dream to share the healing power of sport with disadvantaged children around the world. In 2005, during a four-mo...

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    EPUB 12,8 Mo

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  • Laugh Out Loud Dogs

    Laugh Out Loud Dogs

    LOL Dogs Q: Why did the dog cross the road twice? A: He was trying to fetch a boomerang. Q: What do you call a really cold dog? A: A pupsicle! Q: What kind of pet does Dracula have? A: A bloodho...

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  • Laugh Out Loud Cats

    Laugh Out Loud Cats

    In Ancient Egypt was against the law to hurt or kill a cat, even by accident. The punishment was death. Sphynx cats do not have any fur. They don’t even have whiskers! Most pure white cats that ha...

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